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It's the hardest race you'll ever love.

Michelle Speers 2010 Legacy Runner

First and foremost the Eco-Marathon has everything a trail runner could ask for - challenging climbs (namely The Crush), variety in terrain, views for miles, plenty of aid stations with cheery volunteers. It feels like a little slice of paradise.

Even though runners are only an hour boat ride and a mere 26 miles fron home, it feels like you are running on a beautiful island a thousand miles away from the hustle and bustle of normal day to day life.

I was honored and humbled to be able to compete amongst incredible athletes. I had a blast CHICKing all the guys, except one...all in the name of fun and love. I can hardly wait for next years race, the 5th anniversary of this all encompassing fun and exciting event. The Eco Marathon is one of my all time most favorite races.

Thank you Spectrum Sports for a day of excitement and sweat that I will never forget!!

Michelle Barton 2007 & 2010 Female Eco-Marathon Champ


One if by land, two if by sea; three if by all of the above! The human-powered adventure getting to the Catalina Eco-Marathon was crowned by a truly stunning marathon course set amongst the hills and valleys of this beautiful island.  It was a memorable experience for all of us who ran the inaugural race, and as tough as it was, I saw nothing but smiles.

Dean Karnazes, who ran 95 miles from San Diego to Long Beach, then paddled from Long Beach to Catalina to run the marathon.

Anybody interested in doing a trail Marathon I highly recommend this one. Those of you that have done the Marathon in March would really love this race. It's a toss up right now which run was more beautiful. I've done over a hundred forty marathon and another 35 ultra marathon and running eco marathon was probably some of the most beautiful trails I've ever run. The only one that I think is equal is Death Valley. But your talking ocean and desert. Either way I'll be back next year. And all you old goats out there like Bruce, Bill, and Kent must agree

Jeff Padilla

Wow, what a great event you all put together. I really enjoyed the race. The opportunity to race / run in the outback of Catalina can't be missed.The course you put together was spectacular. Very hard marathon. Only one tougher that I have done is Big Sur Trail Marathon.  See you on the trails.

Jim Maxwell

Mike Bone & Spectrum Sports,
I was the 2nd person to sign up for this new race for a bunch of reasons & I wasn't disappointed on any account. Somehow I reckoned that the great work Mike Bone & Spectrum Sports put forth for the 50 miler each January would spill over into November & the ECO Marathon.  I was right again!  Not only was the organization superb, but the presentation was nearly flawless. The Lions Club's strategically placed aid stations supported the runners efficiently & with enthusiasm.  The weather co-operated with the mid Nov. date & was nearly perfect. What I really liked was the course itself.  Notwithstanding the necessary paved sections which I understand will be altered next year as the fire damaged trails are restored, I liked the hills.  I liked them a lot.  Coming from an ultrarunning perspective I was looking forward to as much dirt & trail running as possible & lots of hills.  The uniqueness of this course is definitely reflected by the finishing times.  When do we get to sign up for next year?  I for one will be running this thing again knowing that it will most certainly will be even more fun than this year.  Besides I want  to wear Number 1 instead of number 2!

Kent Holder
25 year finisher of Avalon Benefit 50 mile & 1 year finisher of Catalina ECO Marathon

HECK YES I enjoyed the Eco marathon!!
Nice things:
New course, interesting stuff, loved the reservoir.  (Winter landscape, little green, and of course the burn was sad) Course was tougher, forget your time and just enjoy it. The other runners were great, friendly, not a competitive atmosphere (at least for those of us running 5:40). I love and appreciate that it started on time (first time races often do not). I REALLY appreciated the well marked mile markers that appeared to be accurate. I also REALLY REALLY appreciated that you had mileage to the next aid station.  That is near life saving.  I stayed out of trouble.

Nice to see the family in the morning instead of sneaking out at 4:00 AM.  The best running hat I have ever gotten. Paulina reports she found it less hectic and more enjoyable to wait for my finish.


I absolutely loved the Catalina Eco Challenge Marathon.  After running both marathons on the island, I can say with confidence that the Eco Challenge was my favorite because it was more challenging and scenic than the other one.  The course was scenic, challenging, adventurous and well laid out.  thank  you for your efforts and I will be back!

Antarctic Mike

Hi, gang...just a quick one to let you know I'm back from Marathon #12: The Catalina Eco-Marathon. I'm just glad I survived! That was the most difficult physical challenge I have ever faced, bar none! Miraculously, I finished 6th in my division at 4:41:30 and a real highlight for me was getting to run several miles with my running idol and buddy, "Ultra Marathon Man" Dean Karnazes. TIME Magazine named him one of the 100 Most Influential People of 2007 and tackling such a tough course with the man himself was especially motivating.  More >

Nelson Aspen
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